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Feather 2 months ago
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About Feather

Feather is committed to building financial tools and resources for a healthier future of our society through workplace financial benefits. Our first product makes it easy and affordable for startups to offer 401(k) without worrying about compliance and administration. Feather helps startups offer 401(k) to founders and early team, while saving them time and money.

Feather is a high-growth, seed stage, venture backed startup. We are fortunate to have great investors and founders like Y Combinator, Twenty Two VC, UpHonest Capital, Ankur (CEO at Teachable), Puneet + Shreyas (Founder at SuprDaily & YC Visiting Partner), Ryan (CEO at Audm), Chris (CEO at Loops) and more.

About our team

We are a remote-first team with a focus on delivering high quality work. Our distributed nature enables us to expand our team in several locations, gain access to iniduals with specialized skills, and support them for continued success.

We are a high growth startup. That means we come with inherent instability and chaos. And we embrace it. Working here should be rewarding for you. We are very selective about who we bring on the team. And we want to make sure that working at Feather is something that each of our team member is proud of. So let us know what you want: higher pay, new work, or change in your career.

About role

Are you a fronted engineer who like building great user experiences? Does scalable architecture and cool tech stack excite you? If so, then this role is for you. We are looking for talented and motivated frontend software engineers who will be building our first product. You will own everything from the frontend space: libraries, deployment stack, testing, best practices. We do believe in iniduals who like ownership and collaboration. We care more about your motivation and knowledge, rather than focusing on your years of experience or where have you worked before

What you will do

1. Setup the our frontend infra from ground up

2. Start building our first product using tech stack of your choice. We prefer React, but you can convince us otherwise)
3. We will pair you up with a designer, so that you can focus on engineering
4. Build the visual components, focusing on maintainability and reusability
5. Work with our broader engineering team for integration and product development
6. Set the bar for best practices for the new set of hires
7. Have opportunity to grow and own engineering as we scale our company

What you won’t do

1. Work on legacy code

2. Write promo docs to justify your growth
3. Build systems that take 6+ months to ship
4. Focus on just one area of frontend, like performance or testing
5. Work on features that you don’t have a say in

What you should know (to some extent)

1. React, in Typescript (unless you can convince us to use something else, like Angular)

2. HTML, CSS, and pure JS
3. Webpack or other module bundler
4. Jest with Enzyme or any other testing library
5. NPM/Yarn
6. ES6 syntax and modern React concepts like Suspense and Functional Components
7. Understanding of async/await, throttle/debouncing, and building native promises

Why should you join us

1. 💰 High Compensation: We hire the best and pay them accordingly

2. 💸 Retirement Benefits (US employees): We offer 401(k) to help you invest in your future
3. 🏖️ Location Flexibility: As long as you can work asynchronously with rest of the team
4. 🏖️ Unlimited, Untracked PTO: We care about your work, not hours
5. 💻 Work Station: We are ready to provide you the tools that help you deliver
6. 🍹 Quarterly Retreats: And if you can’t make it, we will still spend on you to have a relaxing time at home

Our ideal team member

Remember, this list is not exhaustive and you don’t have to meet all criteria. The point of this list is for you to see if this resonates with you. Our ideal team member:

1. Is a high achiever who wants higher reward for more challenging work

2. Likes to work at their own schedule and is transparent about their work
3. Would speak up about not attending meetings rather than quietly join them
4. Respects everyone’s race, identity, religion, political views, and choices
5. Isn’t afraid to take lead on things and prove themselves
6. Wants to work with an amazing team, grow with us, and be a part of something big

Come join us at Feather and change the future of retirement fintech 🚀