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Rooster Teeth about 1 year ago
location: remoteus
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Death Battle Editor – Remote

Location: United States


The primary role associated with completing the edit of a particular project or show. Compiles and gathers footage based on Death Battle Editor’s Guide’. Also, edits animatics and radio plays from assets provided by Viz Post and Episode Director, and VO/audio. With regard to the director, senior editor and lead editors, editors are responsible for organizing the story into a compelling and legible piece.

Role and Responsibilities:

As well as

  • Complete editing assignments in a timely manner and prepare content for final release on associated YouTube, Direct and additional channels if necessary.
  • Manage organization of projects, media and assets throughout the editorial and archival process as aligns with the Rooster Teeth standards and best practices
  • Execute changes to edits based on notes from Director’s, producers, clients and/or management.
  • Work between multiple projects on a given day while maintaining the highest form of quality.
  • Ability to use After Effects to deliver engaging motion graphics to integrate with videos.
  • Ability to create graphic and text in Photoshop to integrate within the episode.
  • Be current on industry trends and technologies to provide insight into current workflows
  • Work closely with producers and other teams in the production pipeline to ensure a collaborative, efficient logistical approach to creating content.
  • Edit audio, visual effects, animation, and music necessary to complete episodes.
  • Edit associated promotional/social materials for projects as assigned.
  • Conduct screenings for directors and members of production staff.
  • QC all exports, and receive final sign off from Director and Show Line Producer.
  • Create episode thumbnails in Photoshop.
  • And ensure all final delivery of assets are met.
  • Prepare project files for Editors on many of RT’s Animation Projects
  • Publish edits, and media to Shotgun.
  • Export and prepare files for finishing departments: EDL’s for Color and AAF for Audio.
  • Gather assets for edits on various projects.
  • Organize and assemble assets for edit.
  • Regularly update editorial exports per Director/Line Producer comments.
  • Manage new assets coming into the post department, including VO and shot files.
  • Completion of cue sheets per episode.
  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe Premiere.


  • 3+ years demonstrated experience post-production, editing
  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere and Photoshop
  • Proficient in After Effects
  • Knowledge of hardware and software required for video and audio format conversion and compression
  • Must have an understanding of video file formats, video analysis and metadata
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills including specific editing workflows
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to work effectively in a team environment & accept feedback/notes on work
  • Desire to further improve skills and techniques
  • Strong will and self-motivation to take on projects and complete tasks on time