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Feather 3 months ago
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Feather is a modern retirement benefits provider for startups in the US. We have launched our first product that makes it easy and affordable for startups to offer a 401(k) plan without worrying about compliance and payroll 💸

We are a high-growth, venture backed startup. We are fortunate to have great investors like Y Combinator and others. We have been featured on TechCrunch and Business Insider 🚀

The core of our business is technical backend systems that keeps detailed records of the activity of an employee including contributions, distributions and purchasing securities. We are looking to hire a passionate backend engineer that can take the lead on building these systems, and driving the decisions around them.

What you’ll be doing

1. Integrating with payroll providers

2. Automating purchasing / selling of securities
3. Enhancing our record-keeper

What we are looking

1. 3+ years backend experience in any of Java, Kotlin, Python

2. Comfortable in building a service from the ground up, as well as integrating across them
3. Able to understand requirements and execute

Tech stack

1. Kotlin

2. AWS Dynamo
3. AWS Lambda
4. Terraform
5. Event-driven architecture