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Read more about the role and apply directly here in our job dashboard in Greenhouse

Pricing TeamYou’d be joining the Pricing Team which sits within the Product organization. We’re responsible for pricing every transaction in the marketplace and for using pricing as a lever to improve customer experience.

Where we are todayWe’re a fast paced team that travels the problem identification → experiment proposal → experimentation → system wide deployment loop in a median time of 2 weeks. It’s not uncommon for us to travel across it within a day or two.

Where we are goingToday, most successful experiments are launched systemwide as an additional pricing policy. But we have 600+ active markets, each of which has unique needs. The future we’re building will allow us to tailor policies to each market using an automated infrastructure. If you join, you’ll be embarking on this journey with us.

As a Data Scientist, you will:

* Identify opportunities to improve the marketplace experience using pricing by knitting together data and customer conversations

* Iterate on experiment proposals that make first-principles arguments to tackle important problems with creative policies
* Deploy and monitor experiments using our Python-based experimentation infrastructure and iterate on our infrastructure on a regular basis
* Present the results of implemented policies and their impact on the business to a cross-functional group of executives on a weekly basis and launch them systemwide
* Coordinate with cross-functional teams to tackle pricing related issues, including customer concerns