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Zilliqa 4 days ago
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RoleWe are looking for an experienced software engineer with experience in building compilers, software analysis tools and language runtimes. As senior compiler engineer, you will have the following responsibilities:Work on the compilation pipeline from high-level languages (Solidity, Python, etc) to functional intermediate-level representationDesign type systems, static analyses, and optimizationsEvolve the design of the high-level languages based on the contemporary applicationsDesign passes for JIT compilation from intermediate-level languages to various back-endsMaintain the infrastructure for compiler development, including frameworks for randomized testing and fuzzingInteract with the formal methods researchers on the team to facilitate reasoning about the compiler and programs’ correctnessResponsibilitiesIdentify gaps in current design of the Scilla IR and suggest improvementsPropose new design aspects for high-level smart contract languages to be used on Zilliqa blockchainBe a part of the Zilliqa programming language team, facilitating the interaction between the front-end, back-end compiler development, and the verification frameworksKeep up to date with the body of work in DeFi applications, smart contract languages, and compilers (e.g., by reading research papers and blog posts), looking for common patterns to be embodied in the language designRequirements * Passionate about the cryptocurrency and blockchain field.* Computer science background * 3+ years experience in working with compilers and language runtimes* Good proficiency with OCaml or any other functional language (Haskell, Scala)* Knowledge of relevant concepts: static analysis, type systems, lambda calculus and its variations, abstract interpretation, common compiler optimizations.* Good proficiency with LLVM is a plusTo apply, submit your resume in PDF format or LinkedIn Profile.#Salary and compensation

No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on similar jobs related to Design, Defi, Testing, Senior, Engineer and Digital Nomad jobs that are similar:
$60,000 — $125,000/year#LocationWorldwide