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Reface 14 days ago
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< class="h3">Reface is hiring a Product Manager

We believe our customers can get more out of using Reface App. A lot has been done and even more to be done ahead. With this role we are looking for a product manager, a forehead player to own the vision along with a highly sophisticated execution

< class="h3">Workflow:

• we work in cross-functional product teams. Specific track = specific team

• we use working processes. There are no scrum masters. The team decides how to work and what technologies and approaches to choose
• no micromanagement. We have no time or desire for this
• unlimited vacation time. We trust each other
• now we work remotely and smart, instead of 9 to 5

< class="h3">What will you do:

• lead the features development from ideation to production. Cross-functional communication is your thing. Shipping exceptionally high-quality products is your motto

• generate hypotheses. And then you validate hypotheses. And then you generate hypotheses. And then you validate hypotheses. You know, the loop...
• come up with creative and non-obvious ways to test those hypotheses through rapid iterations. And you don't dare to consider the iteration finished until we've learned something from it
• get turned on when finding insights and sharing them with the team. Through fancy presentations or structured Notion docs - whatever delivers the message
monitor metrics and look for points of growth. always
• prioritise. Mostly, by asking "Where's retention in it?"
• don't mind challenging the status quo and you're good at zooming in on the details while not losing sight of the holistic view
• work and produce great results independently and in a team
• drive product culture and product mindset within the organisation. You're a product manager, after all
Basically, we need someone who can't go sleep without thinking about key product goals including r.e.t.e.n.t.i.o.n.

< class="h3">You:

• you've been a product manager since before it became a mainstream

• you're a hypothesis-driven freak. No idea can get into development on your watch if it wasn't validated before
• you know the mobile development lifecycle from A to Z. The 2 most frightening words for you are 'Apple review'
• you know the metrics and how they correlate with one another. "One paywall a day keeps retention away" is the #1 lesson in your experience that you were going to share with us
• you know how to keep a lot of things on your plate and it even gets you more hungry
• you understand the joke "If Eric Ries was a rapper, his name would be Yung Lean"
• you're a curious fast-learner. Even if you didn't get the previous joke, you've already googled who Eric Ries and Yung Lean are

< class="h3">As a plus

• entrepreneurial background or experience working in startups. Uncertainty drives you

• you've been building products from 0 to 1, not just micro-optimizing existing metrics. Peter Thiel would be proud of you
• experience working and validating hypotheses with no-code tools. Not just upvoting them on Product Hunt

❗We're not asking you to be a 100% empath or to love everybody. Just don't be evil, rude, or selfish. And try to communicate with the team like a human being

It's important to us that the team feels comfortable around you!

< class="h3">Hiring process:

✅ Intro call with a Recruiter -> ✅ Technical Interview -> ✅ Test task -> ✅ Final Interview -> ✅ Offer

< class="h3">Who We Are:

Website: more about us and vacancies

Instagram: follow Refacians
YouTube: follow Refacians

Don't hesitate. Get in touch!