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Crypto Engineer

Librex 4 days ago
(ca) backend engineer contract engineer full-time node.js palo alto remote smart contracts
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Before the internet, town squares were local, community-based, and governed democratically by the norms of the citizens who had a stake in it. It was a place to discuss economies and elections, to connect and dissent. The internet tore down this model, centralizing and diluting these traditional nexuses of discourse by opening the local conversation to strangers on the open net.

People have lost trust in the internet. They don’t have a stake in the community, and they don’t control its governance. We need a new model for democratic internet governance.

Our Team

The Crypto team at Librex is working alongside world renowned economists to design a decentralized and anonymous community square for verified students on college campuses. Librex is a VC-funded startup with 90% student penetration at Yale, Dartmouth, and USC. Our goal is to create a more free, hyper-local, anonymous, and decentralized Internet where verified students in college communities control the discourse.

The way there is not easy. We are looking for a Crypto Engineer who wants to work on hard, unsolved problems – such as making blockchain scale to millions of people, designing new incentive models for decentralized networks, and building the right tools to empower people and communities to take control of their lives online.

Learn more about Librex in our Lex Friedman interview.


  • Design new types of decentralized networks and infrastructure for tens of thousands of people
  • Build backend services to support innovative user experiences
  • Develop smart contracts and integrate them with Librex
  • Contribute meaningfully to team strategy
  • Communicate across the organization and work effectively throughout the Librex stack


  • You have built backend services for products in production. We work primarily in Node.js with Firebase
  • You have experience deploying critical infrastructure into production
  • You have a deep understanding of multiple parts of the backend stack, from databases to networking to efficient computing
  • You are incredibly competent and do not require hand-holding. Experience leading a startup or a major project is a big plus. We are looking for people who can contribute from day 0.
  • Blockchain experience is not necessary. If you are an exceptional backend engineer, we want to talk to you, whether or not you’ve worked in crypto before